Halloween Movie Night Essentials

Halloween Movie Night Essentials

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Grab the below, invite round some friends and snuggle down to celebrate Halloween my favourite way...

1. Your favourite Halloween movie

I recommend Practical Magic for some 90s feel-good nostalgia and banging soundtrack. The Addams Family is also a very good choice.

3. Pumpkins & Candles

These are just for decoration, but you need to set the spooky scene!

2. Popcorn

It wouldn't be a Movie Night without it. Obviously don't skip the classics, but with more popcorn flavours available than ever before you can really mix this up.

4. Blankets & Cushions

Loads and loads of them so you can get super snuggled up and cozy.

These are the essentials but you totally don't have to stop there. Add a creepy cocktail to the mix, or compile a spooky soundtrack for when your guests arrive. You could even add a fancy dress element where you all dress to match the movie! 

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