DIY: Gold Block Vases

DIY: Gold Block Vases

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Today I thought I'd show you how I customised some milk bottles with this bold gold design. It's the perfect Sunday afternoon DIY and a great way to add a little something to those simple bud vases or milk bottles you have lying around the house! I love the bold geometric line this creates and seems to work best when displayed in a group, so try and do a few if you can. I experimented with different heights so that I had a nice mis-matched grouping when finished. 

What you’ll need:

  • Milk Bottles/Bud Vases

  • Gold Spray Paint (I used Plasticote Brilliant Metallic Gold)

  • Masking Tape

  • Newspaper



1. Use masking take to cover areas of your bottle you want to remain clear with newspaper.

2. Holding the bottle by the newspaper section, turn and spray the bottle with your chosen gold spray paint. When using spray paints, lots of light coats will always be better than one heavy coat!

3. Stand upside down and leave for atleast 2 hours to dry (preferably in the sunshine to help speed it along!)

4. Once dry, remove the masking tape and newspaper to reveal your design!

5. Fill with flowers and scatter around the house. If you do loads, these can also work great for use on wedding tables or at parties.

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