Pretty & Pink IKEA Tarva Bedside Table Hack

Pretty & Pink IKEA Tarva Bedside Table Hack


This IKEA Tarva Bedside Table Hack is the first interior DIY project I wanted to share, mainly because it was the first one I have attempted since moving into to our new (and first) home. It’s also super easy, just a lick of paint and new hardware is all you need to transform something basic into beautiful.

I spent ages looking for a soft pink bedside table but when nothing seemed to be quite the right shape or colour I decided to take things into my own hands! We picked up the much-hacked IKEA Tarva Bedside Table mainly because I wanted something with both a drawer so I can hide all my mess, plus a couple of areas to place pretty things - perfectly mixing form and function.

We used Confetti from The Little Green Paint Company in Intelligent Eggshell, which is a really gorgeous soft pink that’s nice and subtle without being too girly. We also got a primer mixed up in the same colour, which really helped the paint adhere, plus cut down on the number of layer required. We finished it off with some beautiful hardware from Anthropologie who always do the most lovely things like this - we even got some handles from the same range for our wardrobe to keep everything consistent.

What I used

  • Tarva Bedside Table

  • Fine Sandpaper

  • The Little Greene Paint Company Intelligent Eggshell - Confetti

  • The Little Greene Paint Company Intelligent Primer - Confetti

  • Paintbrush

  • Anthropologie Round Aerin Knob

Step by Step

  1. Use a light sandpaper to sand down your bedside table to ensure it’s smooth and any grain is no longer prominent.

  2. Wipe clean to clear of any dust.

  3. Give your bedside table one coat of the primer and allow to fully dry.

  4. Apply 2 coats of your Intelligent Eggshell paint, allowing drying time in between coats.

  5. Leave for 24 hours to fully set/harden.

  6. Attach hardware through the pre-drilled hole (or if using another type of beside table, you will have to make your own!)


I always like to include anything I’d change in these posts as well and the main thing I would do here is trim or angle the legs as I’ve since seen other blogs doing. This really does give it a much more luxe and expensive look, as well as sorting out the slight disproportion of the legs. I think we’re going to be investing in a table saw soon, so if I do update this project I’ll share that too!

Let me know if you try this out - it’s the perfect weekend project!

Eliza xox

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