DIY Autumn / Fall Wall Art Banner

DIY Autumn / Fall Wall Art Banner


I can’t resist a bit of seasonal decorating, so I’m always looking for fun DIYs I can do to celebrate the season! When I saw Fall for DIY transform a tea towel into a piece of hanging art, I immediately thought about this tea towel and how I wanted to try something similar! Luckily for me I had never used it (despite buying it last year) as it’s just too pretty! Great design can be found everywhere, it’s amazing what you can use to add fun and flair to your home, plus the texture of the tea towel differentiates it from just being another print, which I really like.

I threw this together on afternoon as I had all the stuff laying around the house - it’s super simple, and have listed all the steps below so you can create your own hanging artwork.

What you’ll need

  • Tea Towel (mine’s from Anthropologie, although no longer available they have lots of other lovely ones)

  • Wood Trim x2 (a few inches longer than the width of your tea towel)

  • All-purpose glue

  • Screws x2 (will vary depending on thickness of your trim)

  • String / Twine

  • Drill

  • Screwdriver



  1. Iron your tea towel according the the label and lay out on a table

  2. Place your 2 pieces of wood trim at the top of the tea towel and mark where to cut to size if necessary - I left a few centimetres either side for mine, with enough room for the screws

  3. Use a handsaw to cut the wood trim to your measured size

  4. Drill a hole suitable for your chosen screws on each end of the wood trim x2 (measure and mark on each piece to ensure they're in the same place!)

  5. Sandwich the tea towel between your two pieces of wood trim and screw together using your pre-drilled holes

  6. Next, I added some all-purpose glue at the back and between the trim on the screws, plus along the top of the tea towel to help keep it in place

  7. Leave to dry for a few hours

  8. Loop and tie your string around each screw and glue in place for extra stability

  9. Leave to dry for a further few hours

  10. Hang with joy!

What I love about this DIY is that is gives me an excuse to buy expensively elaborate tea towels and actually give them some purpose, plus you can make them for every season! I definitely can’t wait to add more to the collection. Let me know if you try this out yourself (or have any questions!)

Eliza x

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